Saturday, June 30, 2007

Expressing Moods in Various Paintings

No doubt you have heard of the expression, ‘moody woman just like the weather’. Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines mood as; a particular state of mind or feeling; humor, or temper. We all experience various moods from our reaction to our surroundings.

We can artistically take advantage of moods by working on several paintings at time.

Here are steps for doing so:

Sketch out your idea with a brush or pencil on canvas.

Revise, rearrange or modify that idea on a second canvas.

Try revising it again.

Begin painting the backgrounds and experimenting with colors in the middle and foreground.

As time goes by, you will find that each painting will reflect a slightly different mood, thus affecting the color scheme.

As time goes by your interest or enthusiasm may become stifled from one or more of the paintings. Simply put it down, and work on something else.

Keep the painting in a visible spot that allows you to see it each day.
One day you will be in the right mood to complete it in a jiffy.

So, happy painting and remember that Nixon is the name, Art is the game, ask me again and I will tell you the same!