Sunday, March 7, 2010


Showy Pink Peonies

“Double Take” is a series of Floral paintings. Each Flower is painted twice to capture a different perspective. Double Take is an artistic journey of several years to capture the aesthetical beauty, both extrinsic and intrinsic, of a variety of flowers common to Orange County and the state of Virginia. Many of the inspirations came from my home, gardens and parks in the town of Orange, and Mrs. Robinson floral garden on Mill Street.

Each floral design denotes an aesthetical experience.

                                                               Showy Pink Peonies
Peony -represents a soft radiant feeling of love, purity and compassion. It is very delicate, as rain will wash away its blossoms. It is strong and fragile at the same time in that the ‘Peony’ will return year after year with hardly any assistance. Although it is fragile, its wide open petals share its beauty and harmony with others. Its fragrance relaxes. The ‘Peony’ bursts forth in a spectacular array of reddish hues!