Thursday, June 14, 2007

Discipline - a Means of Overcoming Inhibitions

The greatest threat to a young mind is the lack of discipline.. How often have I seen students spending 5% of their time staring at the model and 95 % drawing a preconceived stereotyped figure on the paper. That can be frustrating to the student and the instructor.

So, I have a few tips for discipline and warming up.

Contour drawing
is a continuous line drawing which is designed to improve eye and hand coordination. First select an object to draw, or have a friend model for you. In a pure contour drawing, one is not allowed to look at the image of the model that they are rendering on paper or canvas. As the eye slowly travels across the paper, the pencil or marker, etc. is traveling at the same pace and in the same direction. You can not pick up the marker or pencil until the drawing is completed. Your eyes and your drawing implement will be traveling at the pace of a snail!!! Do you see how this involves discipline?

Modified Contour drawing is the same as number one, only one is allowed to glance at their drawing surface from time to time. However, you can not pick the pencil or marker until the drawing is completed.
An excellent warm up exercise is drawing or painting with the opposite hand. I had this experience when my right hand was rendered almost useless by a dislocated shoulder. Man, does this involves discipline. The positive results of this is; a spontaneous fresh approach and the determination never to give up!!!

So, happy drawing and painting!!!
Lee J. Nixon is an artist that teaches. He would be happy for you to visit his website and enjoy his impressionist paintings.

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